‘Folks, this ain’t normal’

Joel F. Salatin (born February 24, 1957) is an American farmer, lecturer, and author whose books include Folks, This Ain’t NormalYou Can Farm; and Salad Bar Beef. – Wikipedia.

I chanced upon Joel F Salatin during my readings on Regenerative Agriculture, and I was happy to hear about his thoughts on what shifts are required to shift the food system to a regenerative one. Below are some exerpts by Joel, from the video interview at Google.

Googler: It is still not economically viable for many people to Farm the way we want to and live that lifestyle of pureness. How does one deal with this struggle?

‘We have taken our western grecko Roman-linearised-individualised-compartmentalised- way of thinking to a philisolphical apartheid, and I think that those of us that want to come back together in a eastern wholistic, come together, and live in our teepees, have our medicine man should be able to opt out of the greater cultural that normalcy may not vanish from this side of our world. 

‘It is a struggle, but, keep to it. The more people do it the more it gets easier, but it takes someone to start. Keep going’.

Googler: How do you break a cycle where capital flows to the people who own the system etc- people in the Govt?

Joel: ‘I believe that the greatest innovation & opportunity is when we allow people to self-actualize their own individual expression…rather than trying to regulate out what we don’t like, if we allow the people who want to eat differently and buy differently, and create a different landscape for their grandchildren, it would completely topple the Big Ag companies. The reason they are allowed to continue their position at the top is because they are protected from competition at the bottom. 

Googler: Many entrepreneurial start ups morph into wall-street-ified companies that lose their disctinctives. And in the process, the business chews up its workers and founders in an attempt to dominate something. Does middle ground exist?..What values are more important than growth? Especially since, cancer is growth.

Joel: We didn’t want to get gobbled up, be bought over and turned into something else. What is it that defines us? We created a 10 liner-mantra. i.e. We would never have a ‘sales target’, you begin looking at people as commodities. All growth has to come from second-hand, word of mouth. If sales drop off- we need to look internally. Something we may not be doing well etc. We will never patent or copyright, and have to stay one step ahead of the copiers.


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