What is Success to you?

On this interview by Jay Shetty on Ray Dalio, successful billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist, this question and the way Ray answered it really struck me.

What is success to you?

“I realised I didn’t care as much about the Success as much as I did about the journey.

Once I reached the level of success, the peak, there was a new peak to climb.

Your preference of your ‘Life Arc changes constantly’

Operating consistently with that ‘Life Arc’, is what success is.

It’s not the money. Money loses its marginal utility after a certain value.

There’s very little correlation between money and the level you have beyond a subsistence level.

The highest element is community, who you are with, and with meaningful work.

My definition of success is evolving well and contributing to that evolution. “

I thought that Ray had put it in perspective that as we all chase the next thing, it is true that when we reach the peak, we then very quickly want to move to the next one. Its a constant journey of seeking new peaks and the journey and preparation that is the most meaningful. The struggle is the fun part and I recall the journey of starting up enterprises such as Citizen Farm, and Bicycle Barista, from ground-up being so fulfilling, and often when the ship is sailing smoothly, one almost has that sense of gratitude, but yet emptyness also.

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